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PreFIX PH – The Intelligent Phonebook App for the Philippines!

Ever wonder what network you’re contacting? PreFIX PH is the intelligent phonebook app that sorts and labels contacts by network. With the help of the PreFIX PH community of users, the app has grown and expanded with new features useful for every Filipino! No more network worries! Together we fixed it!

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Download PreFIX PH on Android
Download PreFIX PH on iOS
Prefix PH works great on Android

  • Sort Globe, Smart and other Philippine Mobile Networks on your phone
  • View the latest Globe and Smart promos
  • Check what network (Globe or Smart) your friends are using
  • Use PreFIX PH as your default mobile app dialer
PreFIX PH for the iPhone

  • Sort your contact by group
  • Make calls directly from PreFIX PH
  • Add your more frequently called contacts to your favorites list
  • Share load with friends and family
  • Group Messaging
  • Calls & Texts
  • Favorites
  • Pass-A-Load
  • Group Messaging

    Create groups for family, friends or and select group contacts based on their network.

  • Calls & Texts

    Call or text the right number! Just open your contact and select the number labeled with the network you want to reach.

  • Favorites

    Create a special list for the people you talk to most! Who’ll make the cut? Your mom? Best friend? Maybe even your crush?

  • Pass-A-Load

    Never worry about sending load to the wrong number! You’ll be 100% sure with PreFIX PH. Sharing load to friends is done with one simple step.

Designed for the Philippines

Each country has its own telecommunications set up. PreFIX PH is designed to cater to the unique market of the Philippines. The idea for the app sprung from our team’s own everyday struggles with mobile networks. So we decided to fix things, for every Filipino.

PreFIX PH is designed for Filipinos

Created by the Community

PreFIX PH doesn’t just have users, it has a community. Curious, passionate and well-informed individuals contribute to the app’s growth each day. Features and information in the app are developed by listening to the community’s needs and suggestions.

User Friendly, Efficient & Organized!

PreFIX PH is simple, seamless and so easy to use it’ll become your Go-To-Phonebook on your phone. From checking networks to sharing load, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Download PreFIX PH Today!
Use PreFIX PH on Android and iOS

Always Updated

We keep track of the latest load promos and newest issued prefixes so that you don’t have to! The Promo Directory and PreFIX database are closely monitored and updated for all networks.

Make It Yours

Your phonebook is something personal and by popular demand, we’ve added the option to change theme colors! Now your list of contacts can match your style or mood. Choose from a selection of 8 different themes.

  • Salmon Red

  • Magenta

  • Mustard Yellow

  • Tangerine

  • Navy Blue

  • Matte Black

  • Apple Green

  • Beige

Prefix PH for Android

  • PreFIX PH in Salmon
  • PreFIX PH in Magenta
  • PreFIX PH in Mustard Yellow
  • PreFIX PH in Tangerine
  • PreFIX PH in Navy Blue
  • PreFIX PH in Matte Black
  • PreFIX PH in Apple Green
  • PreFIX PH in Beige

Available on Android and iOS

Get organized! Save time and money!
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What network is 0956?  Never ask that again!  Download PreFIX PH!

  • yugatech

    Gone are the days where it’s easy to identify the carrier of the number you’re contacting with the simple 0915 of Globe or the popular 0919 of Smart… But with PreFIX PH, it’s less confusing. (Read Full Review)

  • rappler

    The sheer usefulness of the app’s free functions make it a keeper on any phone that needs to handle a ton of contacts – whether on one sim or two – from different networks. (Read Full Review)

  • man logo header

    PreFIX PH phonebook app can be very useful and handy for mobile users in the Philippines especially those who use have dual-SIM devices and use multiple SIM cards or frequently communicate with family and friends on different networks. (Read Full Review)

  • extra

    If you are using multiple SIM cards, you will most likely send an SMS or call a friend from a different network making the call or a SMS surcharge more expensive than sending it to the number in the same network. PreFIX PH is the app that helps you avoid “wrong send.” (Read Full Review)

  • itb

    It’s great for people with businesses and people on the go who constantly communicate with numerous contacts on different telco networks. It’s also the ideal app for dual sim users who want to save money by maximizing their load promos. (Read Full Review)