0956 Invalid Number: What is the deal?

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Lately, we’ve received a lot of comments from our readers asking us what network 0956 belongs to. The answer to that simple question: 0956 – Globe Telecom.

However, the questions don’t stop there. We have had comments pouring in on our blog ranging from complaints to (slightly angry) demands as to why users can’t use their numbers for Google Play Billing, SMS verification for app registration or even simply reloading.

0956 invalid number

Our answer? Honestly, we don’t really know. This issue has nothing to do with the PreFIX PH app and we can’t really do anything to fix it. But we still want to help.

We have tried to research on this and we even contacted Globe’s customer service and posted in their forums but we have had no progress. Based on other comments online, all we can theorize is that this new prefix has not been recognized by Google or other apps yet (we are not sure how true this is but this explanation is everywhere out there) and these apps have to update their databases to recognize new prefixes. Now I know that doesn’t sound helpful at all but it’s all we know.

It isn’t just 0956 that seems to be having problems. Other comments include prefixes 0995 (Globe), 0955 (Globe) and 0950 (Talk N Text). We’ve also tried looking into these issues. For 0950 (Smart), one comment claimed that the prefix wasn’t fully enabled by the network. The others have yet to be answered by Globe in their community forums.

We love our users and we want to be able to help you guys in whatever way we can. We’ll keep you posted with any updates about 0956, 0955, 0995 and 0950. But for now, if you need to know what network a number belongs to, download the PreFIX PH app.

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  1. This issue is still not resolve. I need to update my phone number to 0956 on Lazada to purchase something. Why does Globe Telecom not doing anything about this? This is causing such frustration.

    1. Hi Kaler,
      If your number is 0956 then you might be experiencing this problem due to the issues mentioned above.

  2. Other than not being able to register my 0956 Globe number on some apps (BDO for one) I also found I cannot text certain globe numbers. Specifically 0917 globe numbers. I have two friends that have 0917 numbers and using plain old SMS just fails with them. I have to message them through other means. I haven’t visited or spoke with globe customer care on this yet. Any one else experiencing this?

  3. Globe customer service is pathetic. They don’t realise how much trouble they have caused the users with 0956 prefix. I think everyone who has 0956 prefix should call globe customer service immediately so that they know the magnitude of the issues they have created. If we all call, they will be forced to solve it!

  4. Sharing a load to 0955 is not even possible. Says it’s invalid input. To think my number starts at 0956. Globe, sometimes you are just annoying.

  5. Please add 0965 and 0945 to the list. I have sims with both prefixes and I can’t use them with google play billing. What a waste!

    1. Hi Joy! We have already put 0965 and 0945 on the list.

      If you have any more questions you can visit our PreFIX Community Forum to browse some of our discussions that might help you, or if there isn’t any you can post one of your own!

  6. I also had problems sending rewards gift to a prefix number 0965. There’s a message that this is not a valid TM number. Why is this so? But when I use a call card to load this number, I did not encounter any problem.

  7. Patapos na mga madam ang 2018 hindi parin naso-solve to. Buti nalang hindi ko primary sim yung 0956. Parang illegitinate child si 0956 hahahahah

  8. Same issue here. Recently bought a Globe simcard with 0956 prefix and I can’t reload using bdo online.
    But that’s not my main concern, is anyone here has ever used that number for roaming?
    Some transactions abroad requires an otp through sms. Please update .
    If it is not possible then I might have to shift to another number/network.

    1. Unfortunately this is out of our hands we have tried reaching out to Globe about this problem and are still waiting for a reply.

  9. Almost two years later, same issue. I have a Globe sim with 0966 prefix. Also the same issue. Not being recognized.

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