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Hey TM Nation! If you’re looking for a Complete List of Touch Mobile Promos, you’ve come to the right page! Touch Mobile has been known to be one of the cheapest mobile networks in the Philippines with insanely low rates! Some are so low, other networks find it hard to compete. Being a subtelco powered by Globe Telecom, Touch Mobile experience the same strong signal and service areas that Globe Telecom users enjoy. Not only that, they are also included in some of the best cross-network promos offered by both Touch Mobile and Globe. These include unlimited calls and texts not only for TM to TM subscribers but also TM to Globe subscribers. They even have unlimited texts to all networks for as low as Php10!

If you’re a Gamer and love your mobile apps, Touch Mobile is also a great choice with their mobile data packages specific to Pokemon Go, Vain Glory, Mobile Legends, Marvel Future Fight, Clash of Clans and more! Check out the complete list of ouch Mobile Promos in the tables below. Or even better, have all the promos readily available on your phone with the PreFIX PH App! Its promo directory feature stores all the latest promos available for every network. No more searching online or waiting to hear about promos through ads! All you have to do is check out the list and click on a promo to subscribe. Simple as that. Try it out by downloading via the links below.

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U15Unli Calls to TM/Globe1 dayPhp 158080


SULITXT525 texts to TM/Globe1 daysPhp 58080
TXT10Unlitxt to TM/Globe2 daysPhp 108080
UA10Unlitxt to ALL networks1 dayPhp 108080
ASTIGTXT30Unlitxt to TM/Globe5 daysPhp 308080

Promo Add Ons

FB2Facebook surfing Required: SULITXT51 dayPhp 28080
TXT5Unlitxt to TM/Globe Required: U151 dayPhp 58080
CALL515 mins calls to TM/Globe Required: TXT102 daysPhp 58080
DAGDAGTXTAdditional 100 text to ALL networks Required: U151 dayPhp 58080

Call & Text Combos

A20Unlicalls to TM/Globe, Unlitxt to ALL Networks, FREE 100MB for Facebook2 daysPhp 208080
CA1050 texts to ALL networks, UnliCall & Text to TM/Globe1 daysPhp 108080
CA1550 texts to ALL networks, Unli Call & Text to TM/Globe2 dayPhp 158080
CA2050 texts to ALL networks, Unli Call & Text to TM/Globe3 daysPhp 208080
COMBO15Unlitxt to ALL networks, 120 mins calls to TM/Globe2 daysPhp 158080
COMBO20Unlitxt to ALL networks, 120 mins calls to TM/Globe3 daysPhp 208080

Mobile Internet

GOSURF1040MB1 daysPhp 108080
GOSURF1540MB + 30MB Moblie Legends2 daysPhp 158080
GOSURF501GB + 30MB for app of choice3 daysPhp 508080
GOSURF2991.5GB + 1GB for app of choice30 daysPhp 2998080
GOSURF5994GB + 1GB for app of choice30 daysPhp 5998080
GOSURF9998GB + 1GB for app of choice30 daysPhp 9998080
SUPERSURF50Unlimited Mobile Internet1 dayPhp 508080
SUPERSURF200Unlimited Mobile Internet5 daysPhp 2008080


GG30300MB + Unlitxt to ALL networks3 daysPhp 308080
GG50500MB + Unlitxt to ALL networks5 daysPhp 508080
GAMES15100MB1 dayPhp 158080
GAMES20100MB2 daysPhp 208080
GAMES50300MB7 daysPhp 508080
GAMES99300MB30 daysPhp 998080
*Games included:

Pokemon Go, Vain Glory, Mobile Legends, Marvel Future Fight, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Summoners War,
 Legacy of Discord, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga

Phonebook for the Philippines

* Automatically identifies and sorts all your contacts by network.
* Input a number to check what network it belongs to with PreFIX Checker.
* Add new contacts, make calls and send messages directly from PreFIX PH.
* Easy way to Pass-A-Load directly to the right contact number.


download-cta download-cta


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