Updated List of Philippine Mobile Prefixes for 2017

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This list is soooo old! We’ve published the 2019 List of Mobile Prefixes for the Philippines!

Another year, another set of new numbers. By popular request, we’re publishing the Updated List of Mobile Prefixes in the Philippines for 2017. Our app, PreFIX PH, was designed to get rid of all the questions and doubts about what network 09XX belongs to. Instead, all you have to do is download the app and it will sort your contacts according to network. You’ll never send a text to the wrong network again!

Phonebook for the Philippines

So why bother searching on Google for a very long list of mobile network prefixes in the Philippines when PreFIX PH can tell you the network even if you’re offline? Download the app now via these links.

Would you like to know what network 09XX is the easiest way? PreFIX PH is the Philippines’ first ever intelligent phonebook app that labels and sorts your contacts by network. We have network prefixes for Smart, Globe, Sun, and more.

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  • Promo Directory with a list of all promos available on your preferred network
  • Mobile Network Checker just by typing to first 4 numbers (ex. 09XX)
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  • Group Messaging to text friends and family on the same network
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What network is 0961?  Never ask that again!  Download PreFIX PH!

Here is the complete list of all the numbers and their networks we have listed on our app. We have sorted them as Globe & Touch Mobile, Smart & Talk’N’Text, SunCelluar, Cherry Mobile, ABSCBN Mobile and Extelcom and Next Mobile.

Hey there! This list is so last year. We’ve published a 2018 List of Mobile Prefixes for the Philippines!

0813Smart or Talk N Text0920Smart or Talk N Text0937ABS-CBN Mobile0970Smart or Talk N Text
0817Globe or Touch Mobile0921Smart or Talk N Text0938Smart or Talk N Text0973Extelcom
0905Globe or Touch Mobile0922Sun Cellular0939Smart or Talk N Text0974Extelcom
0906Globe or Touch Mobile0923Sun Cellular0940Smart or Talk N Text0975Globe or Touch Mobile
0907Smart or Talk N Text0924Sun Cellular0941Sun Cellular0976Globe or Touch Mobile
0908Smart or Talk N Text0925Sun Cellular0942Sun Cellular0977Next Mobile
0909Smart or Talk N Text0926Globe or Touch Mobile0943Sun Cellular0978Next Mobile
0910Smart or Talk N Text0927Globe or Touch Mobile0944Sun Cellular0979Next Mobile
0911Smart or Talk N Text0928Smart or Talk N Text0945Globe or Touch Mobile0981Smart or Talk N Text
0912Smart or Talk N Text0929Smart or Talk N Text0946Smart or Talk N Text0989Smart or Talk N Text
0913Smart or Talk N Text0930Smart or Talk N Text0947Smart or Talk N Text0992Smart or Talk N Text
0914Smart or Talk N Text0931Sun Cellular0948Smart or Talk N Text0994Globe or Touch Mobile
0915Globe or Touch Mobile0932Sun Cellular0949Smart or Talk N Text0995Globe or Touch Mobile
0916Globe or Touch Mobile0933Sun Cellular0950Smart or Talk N Text0996Cherry Mobile
0917Globe or Touch Mobile0934Sun Cellular0951Smart or Talk N Text0997Globe or Touch Mobile
0918Smart or Talk N Text0935Globe or Touch Mobile0955Globe or Touch Mobile0998Smart or Talk N Text
0919Smart or Talk N Text0936Globe or Touch Mobile0956Globe or Touch Mobile0999Smart or Talk N Text
Globe or Touch MobileSmart or Talk N TextSun Cellular
Next MobileCherry MobileABS-CBN MobileExtelcom


    1. Hi Gerardo,

      0977 is under Next Mobile. Did you make sure you have enough load or the right promo to contact the number? Thanks!

        1. Hi Rndll,

          Most of Globe’s load promos apply to even their subtelcos such as Next Mobile which 0977 is under, unless otherwise indicated in their service message. Hope this helps. Thanks!

    2. 0977 is formerly NEXTEL but now has been utilized by GLOBE


      Here are the lists of NEXTEL 0977 0978 0979 that’s SMART cannot produced sim cards under digit 0978 0979

      SAME with 0907 0924 0925 0934 0946 0947
      because these access codes have been assigned to SMART & SUN

      1. So far, yes. But we can’t confirm 100%. You can contact Smart via their Facebook page to ask them to check the complete number in their system.

    3. 0900-0906 GLOBE or TM
      0907-0913 SMART or TNT
      0914-0917 GLOBE or TM
      0918-0921 SMART or TNT
      0922-0925 SUN (Globe Postpaid)
      0926-0927 GLOBE or TM
      0928-0930 SMART or TNT
      0931-0934 SUN
      0935-0937 GLOBE or TM/ABS-CBN Mobile
      0938-0939 SMART or TNT
      0940-0944 SUN
      0946-0950 SMART or TNT
      0951-0954 SUN
      0955-0956 GLOBE or TM
      0957-0964 SMART or TNT
      0965-0966 GLOBE or TM
      0967-0972 SUN
      0973-0974(extel) GLOBE
      0975-0977 GLOBE or TM
      0978-0980 (nextel) GLOBE or TM
      0981-0993 SUN
      0994-0997 GLOBE or TM/Cherry Prepaid
      0998-0999 SMART or TNT

      0813 SMART or TNT
      0817 GLOBE or TM
      0945 GLOBE or TM

    1. Hi Jam,

      Prefix 0903 doesn’t currently belong to any of the networks we’ve posted above. We’ll update the list as soon as new prefixes come in. Thanks!

      1. Did smart released that sim card already?????
        yes probably SMART coz GLOBE used 0955 &0956 maybe 0954 &0953 also GLOBE

  1. While the prefix numbers are grouped according to carrier, it is not numerically arranged, hence there is a great difficulty in finding the desired prefix number. Hope you correct this. Thank you.

  2. Hi, where network does NEXTMOBILE, CHERRY MOBILE ABSCBN & EXTELCOM belongs? Is it for trinet for Smart/tnt/sun or Globe/TM? TY

    1. Hi Ondo,

      Cherry Mobile, Next Mobile, and ABS-CBN Mobile are under Globe. Extelcom does not seem to affiliated with either Smart or Globe based on our references. Hope that helps! Thanks!

    2. GLOBE NETWORKS have
      Brand names:
      ABS CBN
      and recently EXPRESS TELECOM
      0973 & 0974 have been acquired by GLOBE TELECOM

    1. Hi mark,

      Next mobile is a subtelco of Globe which is why it may be identified and used with Globe. Thanks for the input!

    2. Previously utilized by NEXTEL or NEXT MOBILE which is a subsidiary of GLOBE TELECOM

      NOW 0977 is GLOBE

      Same with 0999 previously utilized by U-MOBILE now SMART

  3. What does next mobile means. There is a case in which a smart number cannot call my number with prefix 0977.

    1. Hi Lucita,

      Next mobile is a subtelco of Globe which might be the reason why a Smart number can’t contact you. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  4. Wow, dami. Thanks for the info…
    Before its very easy to remember, you just have to remember the FOURTH number 090× 8888888
    If the * is 2 .3 its sun
    If the * is 5,6,7 its globe
    If its 8,9,0,1 its smart.

    But now no more…???

    1. DUE TO INSERTION of SUN CELLULAR there are now differences for the 4th digits , NORMALLY 0924 & 0925 are GLOBE but due to SUN they gave way to SUN CELLULAR but before it has been use by GLOBE POSTPAID 0925
      0900-0906 GLOBE
      0907-0913 SMART
      0914-0917 GLOBE
      0918-0921 SMART
      0922-0925 SUN
      0926-0927 GLOBE
      0928-0930 SMART
      0931-0934 SUN
      0935-0937 GLOBE/abs cbn
      0938-0939 SMART
      0940-0943 SUN
      0944-0945 GLOBE
      0946-0950 SMART
      0951-0952 SUN
      0953-0956 GLOBE
      0957-0960 SMART
      0961-0962 SUN
      0963-0966 GLOBE
      0967-0970 SMART
      0971-0972 SUN
      0973-0974 EXTEL
      0975-0980 GLOBE/nextel
      0981-0982 SMART
      0983-0984 SUN
      0985-0988 GLOBE
      0989-0991 SMART
      09925-0993 SUN
      0994-0997 GLOBE/cherry
      0998-0999 SMART

      1. Hi Morsid,
        A number is usually 11 digits. That’s only 9. We can’t possibly tell you what the missing two numbers are.

    1. Hi manix,

      Yep, 0977 under Next is identified with Globe because Next is a subtelco of Globe. Thanks!

    1. Hi Aryana,

      This is our latest so far. We’ll be sure to update the list this year if any changes come up. Thanks!

    1. Hi Iris,

      Based on our references, 0925 belongs to Sun Cellular. We’ll be sure to update or change if anything comes up. Thanks for the input!

      1. NORMALLY 0925 is a GLOBE PREFIX but due to insertion of SUN CELLULAR they gave way to SUN CELLULAR ,,,,, below on the year of 2012,,,, it was used by GLOBE POSTPAID only ,,,,, so SOME 0925 are GLOBE POSTP[AID not totally 0925 belongs to SUN CELLULAR some GLOBE POSTPAID ,,,,, ok?????

  5. Can you Please arrange property the exact mobile number of each network .. Ex. Smart,,globe, TNT, TM,and Sun.. I want to know the right number accordingly for each network.. Thank you

    1. Hi Apolinario,

      We’re glad to hear feedback on how we present our information. It’s currently arranged according to network. Are you having difficulty with how it’s displayed? Any suggestions on how we may improve? Thanks!

        1. Suggest po kng un next mobile, chery mobile at abs cbn ay globe dpat nka linya n cla s globe.. nlito ko kng san b tlga cla kng d ko p nbsa mga comments..tnx po

    1. Hi Harry,

      The Red mobile name is now defunct and is currently called Talk n Text (TNT). Hope this helps! Thanks!

  6. Among the prefix numbers of globe on your list, which one is the latest prefix number of globe? Thank You

    1. Hi LUCAS,

      0955 and 0956 are so far the latest prefix releases of Globe based on our references. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  7. Good day.

    Nice app but it doesn’t show if it’s a Globe or TM number.
    This could be useful for registering at a promo. Globe and TM don’t share same promo, or it have difference in rate.

    1. Hi leo,

      Thanks for bringing this up. We’ll make sure to resolve this error soon. We apologize for any hassle this might have caused. Thank you!

    1. Hi Angelline,

      A subtelco is a telecommunications company that partnered or uses the services of a larger telecommunications company. Next Mobile, ABS-CBN Mobile, and Cherry Prepaid are all subtelcos of Globe. Hope this helps! Thanks.

  8. Hi can i ask if the 748 and 239 is under the globe landlines? If example po naka call and text unli ako for tm and globe po included po ba yung abs cbn mobile don?

    1. Hi Krisrine,
      Based on our references, those numbers are still under Globe Landlines. You may contact Globe to make sure. As for the other concern, Globe’s unli call and text promos don’t always apply to ABSCBN Mobile. Check your load promo to see if it covers the Globe’s subtelcos. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi bobby,

      0954 was previously a Smart number, but it is no longer in use as per our references. Hope this helps. Thanks!

    1. Hi John,

      We currently don’t have 0805 listed under any network in the Philippines. Most of our references link it to prefix numbers of Nigerian networks. We hope this helps. Thanks!

  9. Hi, I am just wondering which provider does mobile prefix 0936 belong to, globe or touch mobile? I’ve been trying to report a continuous deduction of 5 pesos everyday from 2346 from Safari Love which I never subsribed to. It just comes as an ad but with a fee. There’s an instruction to send OFF SAFARI to 2346 but it always fails. I tried calling both globe and touch mobile but the prompt kept saying that my number is invalid. Please help…This is so irritating!

    1. Hi Nilda Encarnacion,

      We’re sorry to hear about the fee deductions. Our references show that 0936 is really under Globe. If calling the network doesn’t help, we suggest personally approaching their customer service centers or to contact their Facebook or website to call their attention on the matter. We hope this helps. Thanks!

  10. Hi, my wife found a cell number on my phonebook named mary ann morales 09860523891
    I explained to her why there is such thing. I said it was only a mock cell number just to rember the name of that person so i put her name on phonebook with a mock or non existing cell number. But she was so angry and dont beleive me.

    Can you guys help me identify this cell number as non existing number. I want to justify this to my wife.

    Thats all and i look forward for your response.Thank you

    1. Hi Jeffrey Villanueva,

      We’re sorry to hear about that. Besides just outright saying that 0986 is not a prefix listed under any Philippine network, you may download the PreFIX PH app on your mobile (Android – http://buff.ly/2vAxz0Z and iOS – http://buff.ly/2vAC9MQ ). It automatically sorts your contacts by network, and since 0986 is not under any, it will be listed as “Unknown”. For now, that’s all we can suggest. Hope this helps. Thanks!

    1. Hi Patrick,

      The two networks are hardly distinguishable besides TNT having cheaper load promos. In terms of prefix, since Smart and TNT load promos can accommodate both networks, we did not separate the two (same as in Globe/TM). Hope this helps! Thanks.

    1. Hi Kenjie Dela Cruz,

      Yes, so far this is our most updated for 2017. We’ll be sure to dish out an updated list of prefixes once new ones come up. Thanks!

  11. I’ve read all the comments and your replies and I downloaded the prefix ph app and i find it very useful since I’m using globe and sun. I don’t need to search for their prefix if they are globe or smart. I am on a promo on both network and they both don’t have calls to other network. Thank you very much for creating such app.

    1. Hi Nino,

      Thank you for the feedback! We’re glad that the app has made itself useful to you. We hope you enjoy PreFIX more as we roll out new improvements to make it better. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Jr,

      0996 is under Cherry Mobile. Although it is a subtelco of Globe, your plan may not cover it. You may check with your network provider on this. Hope this helps. Thank you!

  12. NORMALLY 0925 is a GLOBE PREFIX but due to insertion of SUN CELLULAR they gave way to SUN CELLULAR ,,,,, below on the year of 2012,,,, it was used by GLOBE POSTPAID only ,,,,, so SOME 0925 are GLOBE POSTP[AID not totally 0925 belongs to SUN CELLULAR some GLOBE POSTPAID ,,,,, ok?????

  13. What is the exact network of this 0977 prefix ? is it globe ? or TM ?
    I need to know in order for me to send promo to that number .

  14. If I purchase a new sim , do you think theres still a sim with a 0917 prefix from globe or the new ones will come with the new prefix 0945 0956??

  15. natawagan ako kanina lang na hindi ko kilala na wrong number daw xa at currently he’s from Mindanao 00995 yung nag appear sa call log ko..

    bakit dalawang zero?

    1. PreFIX PH is a more reliable source to know what networks prefixes belong to. Try downloading the app. It will change your life.

  16. Hi! Im trying to make an international to philippines. The country code is +63 . But whenever the prefix is +63956 or +63955 , it says modify number. You’ve entered the wrong number. Is it because 0955 or 0956 are new prefixes? I was able to make a call for 0916 and 0927 internationally. Thanks

    1. Hi Khyrz!

      Have you tried to check the digits you are dialing? If you are using +63 then it should have 12 digits. If you are using 09 then it should have only 11 digits. If you are still getting an error, you can contact Globe Technical Support Landline (02) 730 1000. Thanks!

    1. Hi Stip!

      Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We’ve listed the Smart prefixes in the post, sorted by the type of network provider. You may also download our mobile app for free on Android or iOS to check. The links to download are in the post above as well.

    1. Hi Margaux,

      Have you seen our updated article here?

      We are releasing a new version of our app in a couple weeks which gives you all the prefixes in you phone. Would you like to be a beta tester?

        Download the Android test version, check it out here.
        Let us know what you think by completing this Google Form here.

  17. here’s the unformatted edition:
    0813 Smart or Talk N Text
    0817 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0905 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0906 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0907 Smart or Talk N Text
    0908 Smart or Talk N Text
    0909 Smart or Talk N Text
    0910 Smart or Talk N Text
    0911 Smart or Talk N Text
    0912 Smart or Talk N Text
    0913 Smart or Talk N Text
    0914 Smart or Talk N Text
    0915 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0916 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0917 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0918 Smart or Talk N Text
    0919 Smart or Talk N Text
    0920 Smart or Talk N Text
    0921 Smart or Talk N Text
    0922 Sun Cellular
    0923 Sun Cellular
    0924 Sun Cellular
    0925 Sun Cellular
    0926 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0927 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0928 Smart or Talk N Text
    0929 Smart or Talk N Text
    0930 Smart or Talk N Text
    0931 Sun Cellular
    0932 Sun Cellular
    0933 Sun Cellular
    0934 Sun Cellular
    0935 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0936 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0937 ABS-CBN Mobile
    0938 Smart or Talk N Text
    0939 Smart or Talk N Text
    0940 Smart or Talk N Text
    0941 Sun Cellular
    0942 Sun Cellular
    0943 Sun Cellular
    0944 Sun Cellular
    0945 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0946 Smart or Talk N Text
    0947 Smart or Talk N Text
    0948 Smart or Talk N Text
    0949 Smart or Talk N Text
    0950 Smart or Talk N Text
    0951 Smart or Talk N Text
    0955 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0956 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0970 Smart or Talk N Text
    0973 Extelcom
    0974 Extelcom
    0975 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0976 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0977 Next Mobile
    0978 Next Mobile
    0979 Next Mobile
    0981 Smart or Talk N Text
    0989 Smart or Talk N Text
    0992 Smart or Talk N Text
    0994 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0995 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0996 Cherry Mobile
    0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
    0998 Smart or Talk N Text
    0999 Smart or Talk N Text
    you’re welcome

  18. Trying to enroll in Globe but was prompted with invalid number message. Got a traveller prepaid LTE sim card.
    Why is that? Any idea?
    Many thanks

  19. Just letting you know na baliktad yung Numerically arranged at Network Carrier. Nasa network Carrier yung numerically then sa numerically naman yung carrier.

  20. I’m enrolled in Globe to Globe unli call. Why is it that if I call Cherry Mobile I’m being charged for the calls I made. Isn’t it that Cherry mobile is powered by Globe? So as with

    1. Yes, it is but it’s a subtelco. So it’s not owned by Globe. Thus, they may not be included in the unli call promos. Only Globe and TM would be included.

    2. You can call a cherry prepaid 0996 inclusion for promos tri net or quad net… Some TM PROMOS have QUAD-NET please make sure the promo inclusion of CHERRY PREPAID…. and ABS CBN MOBILE

  21. I’m enrolled in Globe to Globe unli call. Why is it that if I call Cherry Mobile I’m being charged for the calls I made. Isn’t it that Cherry mobile is powered by Globe? So as with Next Mobile will I be charge too even if it’s powered by Globe?
    Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hi! Yes, Cherry Prepaid and Next Mobile are powered by Globe BUT they are not included in some of the Globe Promos. They are still individual companies. Globe is just providing them with the network/cell signal services. This does not mean they are included in the promos. If you want to stay updated with prefixes, load promos and more, check out our app. It’s always updated and will tell you what networks are included in the promos so that you don’t waste load.

    1. Hi Kelly, there is no way of knowing just by looking at the number. You can chat to Globe’s customer support on their FB Page and they should be able to help you by checking the number in their system.

    2. GLobe postpaid scattered in different access numbers …. Postpaid & prepaid are inclusive of call& text promo if you are unli call to globe or tm …. You can freely call GLOBE POSTPAID

  22. CAN YOU CHANGE 0977 since this is now GLOBE…… NEXTEL is a subsidiary of GLOBE//// MISTYPE for the network 0914 0940 0944 and some SMART,….. NO ONE HAS APPROVED THAT ACCESS CODES….. 0914 MAYBE GLOBE but THEY have left it since that was 4…..
    another sense is 0940 wasn’t USED by SMART since they released 0939,,,, so possible it would be a SUN and 0944 maybe GLOBE but left by GLOBE since this was 4 SOME SMART ACCESS CODES HAVEN’T PROVEN YET,,,,,,0970,,,0981,,,0989,,&0992

    1. Hi Charlie,

      We’ve posted an updated list for 2018 here and linked to it from the top of the article. We’ve left the 2017 prefix list as it is for historical reasons. We will research the accuracy of the mistypes that you mentioned.

      Again, thank you for your continued effort in helping us improve our content. Due to the amount of feedback we’ve received our content, we have soft-launched a forum here, https://community.prefix.ph/, and are looking for informed individuals as yourself to help us moderate. Please let us know if you’re interested.

  23. Here are my PROSPECT ACCESS CODEs for every telcos…

    0817 GLOBE

    0900 GLOBE
    0901 GLOBE
    0902 GLOBE
    0903 GLOBE
    0904 GLOBE
    0905 GLOBE
    0906 GLOBE
    0907 SMART
    0908 SMART
    0909 SMART
    0910 SMART
    0911 SMART
    0912 SMART
    0913 SMART
    0914 GLOBE
    0915 GLOBE
    0916 GLOBE
    0917 GLOBE
    0918 SMART
    0919 SMART
    0920 SMART
    0921 SMART
    0922 SUN
    0923 SUN
    0924 SUN
    0925 SUN
    0926 GLOBE
    0927 GLOBE
    0928 SMART
    0929 SMART
    0930 SMART
    0931 SUN
    0932 SUN
    0933 SUN
    0934 SUN
    0935 GLOBE
    0936 GLOBE
    0938 SMART
    0939 SMART
    0940 SUN
    0941 SUN
    0942 SUN
    0943 SUN
    0944 GLOBE
    0945 GLOBE
    0946 SMART
    0947 SMART
    0948 SMART
    0949 SMART
    0950 SMART
    0951 SMART
    0952 SUN
    0953 SUN
    0954 GLOBE
    0955 GLOBE
    0956 GLOBE
    0957 SMART
    0958 SMART
    0959 SMART
    0960 SMART
    0961 SMART
    0962 SUN
    0963 SUN
    0964 GLOBE
    0965 GLOBE
    0966 GLOBE
    0967 SMART
    0968 SMART
    0969 SMART
    0970 SMART
    0971 SUN
    0972 SUN
    0973 GLOBE/EXTEL
    0974 GLOBE/EXTEL
    0975 GLOBE
    0976 GLOBE
    0977 GLOBE
    0981 SMART
    0982 SMART
    0983 SMART
    0984 SMART
    0985 GLOBE
    0986 GLOBE
    0987 GLOBE
    0988 GLOBE
    0989 SMART
    0990 SMART
    0991 SMART
    0992 SUN
    0993 SUN
    0994 GLOBE
    0995 GLOBE
    0997 GLOBE
    0998 SMART
    0999 SMART

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