App in Focus: PreFIX PH (YugaTech Review)

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With the rise of Dual SIM phones, a lot of mobile users have at least two SIM cards, one for Smart (or Talk ‘N Text) and/or Globe (or TM) and/or Sun Cellular. And since the popularity of text messaging plus the competitive prepaid services, it’s easy to buy SIM cards and change whenever you want to.

If you’re one of those who has a lot of contacts from multiple telcos, you might find this app useful.

The PreFIX PH app is basically a dialer and phonebook app altogether. It scans and identifies your contact numbers’ network based on the prefix number. It also sorts them accordingly. Aside from that, there’s a built-in dialer for an unlisted number you’re about to contact. It’s a smart dialler that instantly detects the carrier of the number. You can even try to input every possible prefix combination to memorize the pattern if you have time.

That’s the main feature of the app, which is available for free. There are two additional extra features which you can avail for if you will purchase for Php46. The promo directory which allows you to save promo codes and easily send them for easy registration, and the group messaging, which, obviously, allows you to send multiple messages at once under one network — perfect for sending quotes, chain messages, and the like.

Gone are the days where it’s easy to identify the carrier of the number you’re contacting with the simple 0915 of Globe or the popular 0919 of Smart. Heck, my new postpaid number starts with 0977, which is from Globe. But with the PreFIX PH, it’s less confusing. It’s available for free, so trying it won’t hurt.

Published on YugaTech by Daniel Morial on January 18, 2016. View original article here.

The Prefix PH is available for free to both iOS and Android Phones, you can download it using the links below:

Phonebook for the Philippines

download-cta download-cta


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