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This is not our first time to feature an app here, however, this is the first time that we are actually reviewing a smartphone app in-depth.

PreFIX PH is an intelligent phonebook and dialer app that sorts and labels your contacts by network. It promises hassle-free and organized communication with features that you might use every day. Now, is this app really worth downloading?

We usually hate installing separate apps just for a specific function – however, as an intelligent phonebook and dialer app, this doesn’t offer only contact sorting by network but also some awesome features.

Say goodbye to moments when you don’t know which is which when it comes to mobile number prefixes.

Just type the first 4 digits of any cellphone number (i.e. 09xx) and it will show what network that number is belong – this is helpful especially if you are on a promo that is restricted to the same network (i.e. Smart to Smart/TNT/Sun or Globe to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN subscribers)

Also, some contacts with multiple numbers will appear under one contact with their respective networks specified and mostly the basic features your stock Phonebook app would offer (add, save, update and delete contacts).

To be honest, there’s nothing really more special than the highlight of this app which is the labeling of contacts based on their respective networks and identifying it by just typing the first 4 digits of a number.

However, there are some premium features (in-app purchase) that will be unlocked if you purchase the full version of the app (although we didn’t think that any of those would come handy for us – unlocking these features below will just cost you less than a dollar or PhP46.00).

  • Promo Directory where you can save message templates for your favorite promo codes and register with one click (we actually thought that this was a list of currently on-going promos from a specific network – like an updated list of Call & Text, Surfing, and other promos that network providers offer – surely, if this is what it contains, this feature will be much useful).
  • Group Messaging feature where you can select message recipients based on a specific network – great for quick unlimited texting to the same network.

The Verdict

Now for the conclusion then – we appreciated the effort on making this app for us to know which mobile network that number is belong – and because the app is freemium (the highlight feature is already available with FREE), you can use this ASIDE your stock Phonebook/Dialer app especially if you have many contacts from different mobile networks – it’s lightweight (10.53MB) and doesn’t hinder your phone’s performance at all – which even low-end smartphone users would enjoy using!

We can’t find any other negatives here aside from the startup times (considering the number of contacts you have) and lacking the option to change how contacts are displayed (i.e. SIM contacts / Phone contacts only) and the unchangeable color scheme (which would affect personalization paranoids :D)

The PreFIX PH App is now available on both Android and iOS, which you can download using the links below or search it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store (haven’t tried this on iOS – because there’s no iOS devices available for us to use as of now)

Published on on Aug 2, 2017. View original article here.

Phonebook for the Philippines

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    1. If you have downloaded the app in the Philippines it will still work out side of the country but for registering promos they may not work and passaload. However all other features would still work.

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