How to Activate Smart Roaming

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How to Activate Smart Roaming

Hey Smart users! Did you know that your Smart SIM cards are ready for overseas use? Yup, that’s right. They are good to go for International Roaming and all you have to do is send a simple text message to fully activate your SIM card for complete text and voice roaming services.

Smart Roaming Activation Process

The Smart SIM is already pre-activated for text messaging or SMS. The voice roaming service can be activated with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Make sure to do this AT LEAST ONE HOUR before you leave the Philippines.
  2. Compose a text with ROAM ON <country of destination>
  3. Send this to 333.

Remember, it’s crucial that you do this at least an hour before you leave the country in order to give enough time for your request to be processed. To be safe, try activating your SIM before you leave for the airport.

Smart Roaming Deactivation Process

So you’re back in the motherland! Welcome home! Now you need to deactivate your roaming services so that you can use the Smart Pinoy Roaming SIM like any ordinary SIM card. Deactivating the SIM is even easier than activating it:

  1. Compose a text with ROAM OFF
  2. Send this to 333.

The deactivation should take effect after about an hour. So you’ll have to wait a little before your request is processed and you can go back to your regular SIM usage.

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Smart Roaming Maintaining Balance

Although you won’t be charged for receiving text messages while roaming, Smart advises that you maintain a minimum balance of Php100 to avoid any hiccups while abroad.

Special Roaming SIM Cards

Smart offers the Smart Pinoy Roaming SIM Cards that are pre-activated for International Roaming.

What’s your Smart Roaming Experience?

Are you an OFW or frequent traveler who uses Smart International Roaming services? Or are you a newbie who needs a little advice? Either way, feel free to share your experiences or ask questions about Smart International Roaming services below.


  1. HOW much will be my additional charge for roaming services, txt, calls and data, if Im a postpaid user? Will I be charged one time even if I will be travelling in 5 European countries?

    1. Please maintain a minimum load of P100 while abroad. Here are the charges for postpaid plan while on roaming:

      Text = Php 23 per send, receiving text messages: free
      Call = Receiving call: Php 65.00/min, Outgoing call: Php 145.00/min
      Data = P550/day or Php 5.00 per 10kb

      Charges will depend on the country you are going. These rates are applicable to the following European Countries only:
      Czech Republic
      Isle of man
      United Kingdom

      If you have any more questions you can visit our PreFIX Community Forum where you can scan some of our discussions that might help you or you can just post one of your own!

  2. activated roaming as advised. but Smart says sorry, my package could not avail of this service. I have Smart Bro LTe

    1. Hi! Please note that, roaming service is not possible for Smart Bro. On the other hand, may we have your Smart Bro number for proper checking. We’ll wait for it.

      Anyway, if you have any more questions regarding this, you can follow up in this discussion from our community page, or better yet, don’t hesitate to start your own discussion, it doesn’t have to be related to this one!

  3. Hi! My husband is a seafarer. Unfortunately,when he leave the country he wasn’t able to activate his smart prepaid to roaming. How could he activate it when he’s already abroad? Can i activate his Sim for him? Please help! Thank you 😊

    1. Yes, may we have the following details:

      – Smart number
      – Location *Device model
      – Date and amount of your last reload

      * Note that you need to have at least 100 airtime balance on your SIM, for Smart to activate your roaming. We’ll wait for the details.

      If you have any more questions regarding this, you can follow up in this discussion from our community page, or better yet, you can post one of your own!

  4. Hi how can activate my shimcard for roaming it was not activated when I live the philippines

    1. Hello! The following are the details:

      – Smart number
      – Location
      – Device model
      – Date and amount of your last reload

      *Note that you need to have at least 100 airtime balance on your SIM, for us to activate your roaming. We’ll wait for the details.

      If you have any more concerns regarding this, you can follow up in this discussion from our community page, or feel free post one of your own! It doesn’t have to be related to this one.

  5. It seems My husband consumed all his load while on roaming. What am i supoosed to do to continue his roaming service pls help

    1. If you are using a Prepaid sim, you can reload from any Philippine accredited Globe stores or retailers. On the other hand if your husband is using a PostPaid sim, you can call *888 for free and ask if they could increase your credit limit.

  6. When roam is already on and he is still in the Philippines, Can he/she receive a message? Can he/she can send message while still in the Phillippine?

    1. If the roaming feature is already active while still here in the Philippines. He cannot make or received SMS and call. We encourage to activate roaming feature before the departure date. Hope this guide you.

  7. Hi.. my husband activate the roaming procedure by texting ROAM On to 333 before leaving the country. But when I checked it here (in Ghana I mean),, its seems it is not in roaming. I tried to put credit through bank online. but i don’t think it goes through. Can you help me with this? how can we know if its in roaming status? I did the same thing with mine and everything is perfect. His CP no. 09475663909. Thank you.

    1. Hi Thess

      May we ask if he sent his message at least 1 hour before departure?
      This is to give time to the service to activate.
      If he didn’t receive any confirmation that he successfully activated his roaming, he might not be registered to roaming before leaving the country.

      During the time of activation, did he have a maintaining balance of P100?
      You can also check if there is signal. If none, you can try to turn it off and on just to refresh the network.

  8. I leave the country I wasn’t able to activate my smart prepaid to roaming. How could I activate it? Please help me! Thanks

  9. How long the roaming will take effect after activation on the day of departure? Would it be activated soon as the person landed on the country’s destination? Or she would need to wait for a few hours to have a signal again?

    1. Hi Pergie

      As long as you receive a text message that you have successfully activated your roaming service, as soon as you land on your country destination it will automatically connect to any partnered network of your sim.

    1. Hello Razel!

      Best way to activate his roaming sim is to contact (02) 888-1111 Smart Hotline Directly and ask them to activate your husband’s sim to Roaming, you just have to give some information regarding your situation. Also please have him maintain a P100 load while activation is in progress and even after activation.

  10. i have a roaming no. i received my last message on july 3, 2018. i was not able to receive text messages as of today aug 4 even if they send load i did not received it too. What should i do?

    1. Hi Elma Jane!

      You can try putting your sim into another phone and see if it can receive signal or text messages.
      During the time of your last message received until now, do you still maintain a load balance? If not, maybe your sim is automatically deactivated. You can ask someone from your family or friends to call (02)-888-01111 and give them your number and tell them your problem. If it was deactivated, you can ask them to activate it again, as always, please maintain a balance of P100

  11. Hi, I am in Nigeria and before I left Manila last March my smart sim card is roam active. After some time, I checked my smart menu and it indicates “no service available”
    How can I possibly activate my sim card?
    Please help.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ana.

      During your activation process, did you receive a message from Smart that you have successfully activated your roaming? If not, maybe it wasn’t activated yet.

      Have someone (family, friends, relatives) to contact customer service (02)-888-01111, tell them about your situation and ask them to activate your sim (maintain a balance of P100)

      Another thing, is based on what you said, you activated your roaming but only checked it after a while, then maybe because it doesn’t have maintaining balance, plus you’re not using it for some time now, maybe it got deactivated because it was idling for too long. Just follow the instruction above.

      Good practice is when you land at your destination, you should connect right away.

  12. Hi! Please help I activate my sim in roaming and smart reply note that, roaming will be activated shortly but until now there’s no roaming, I’m here in taiwan pls. Help

    1. Hi Gina!

      You only received an activation phase text, but not an activation success text.
      During the time of your activation, did you at least have an hour to wait before your flight?
      If not, then maybe the activation process wasn’t finished before you go, it is advisable to activate your roaming at least an hour or so.
      If yes, and you also received an activation success text, try restarting your phone and try to see if there is a signal, or try putting the sim to another phone and see if it has a signal.

      If all of these doesn’t work, please have someone in the Philippines to call Smart (02) 888-1111 and directly ask them to check your number if it was activated, if not, ask them to activate your sim to roaming. As always, please maintain P100 during and after the activation process.

    1. Hi Glenn

      The best way to solve this problem is to have a relative or a friend to contact Smart (02) 888-1111 and ask them to activate your number. Follow their steps, and give them some of your information and make sure you maintain a balance of at least P100 during and after the activation process.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    I already activated my smart number, and its working here in abu dhabi, by september 11 im in hongkong. My question is, when im in the other country, can i still use my smart roaming number? It’s still activated when im in other country?

    1. Hi Moses.

      Yes, your roaming will still be active considering the country you’re going to is one the countries that is covered by Smart Roaming.

  14. Thank you very much, and the process for deactivation is when im in hongkong before leaving or when i am already in the philippines?

    1. Hello Moses,

      We’re glad we were able to help you with that! 😀

      Deactivating the SIM is even easier than activating it:

        1. Compose a text with ROAM OFF
        2. Send this to 333.

  15. I forgot to activate roaming of my Smart Prepaid sim before I left the Philippines.

    the following details are:

    – Smart number: 09184452758
    – Location: California, USA
    – Device model: Huawei P9
    – Date and amount of your last reload: 150

    its been 5 days since we reported this in Smart office and Smart customer service but until now I still don’t have roaming service.

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi.
    I forgot to activate the Roaming Services before i leave Manila, and i dont have 100 load on my number, is there any chance i can activate it again?

    Mobile number is +639101679818 and i am currently at Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi. I forgot to activate international roaming for my prepaid sim before I left Manila and there is no available 100 pesos in my prepaid sim. May I ask a relative or a friend to contact Smart (02) 888-1111 and ask them to activate my number. Should they load it 100 pesos first before requesting to activate international roaming. Thanks for your advice in advance.

    1. Hi Katey! Please be advised that it should be loaded P100. Once you have a load, message Smart communications on Facebook to activate your Roaming by providing them the following details:
      – Mobile number
      – Device model
      – Roaming country
      Hope this helps!

  18. Hi I’m abroad, my roaming is consumed in one week. what to do? How to load? How no to consume the load because still I will be out of the country.

    1. Hi Gaby, to load, try using To stop consuming load, go to the mobile network in your settings and tap data roaming.
      Turn off your roaming when you don’t need it. If you want to turn it back on, just tap on data roaming again. Hope this helps!

  19. Good day please help my husband his sim not roam before he left the philippine. Can you help me to do so.
    Last load is may 6, 2019
    150 amount of load

    1. Hi Jermie, you may contact directly (02) 888-1111 Smart Hotline and ask them to activate your husband’s sim to Roaming. Please note that he needs to maintain a P100 load balance while the activation is in progress and even after activation.

  20. Before take off i activated my sim roam on and i received message successfully activated but after 2 weeks of my arrival here at saudi i’ve noticed that my sim don’t have signal this is unusual and i need your help to active this by the way here is the number 09294196158

  21. Hi. I’m a smart user and i forgot to roam on my sim. Will i still be able to activate roaming ? I tried to do it here in other country but failed. Any other alternative ? Please help. 😿

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