How to Activate Sun Cellular Roaming

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Before You Leave the Philippines

Make sure to activate your roaming service 24 hours before leaving the Philippines through any of these methods:

  1. Call Sun Hotline 200 for free using your Sun mobile phone of (02) 395-8000 through a landline.
  2. Visit the nearest branch of The Sun Shop.

Upon Arrival at the Destination Country

To connect to a local network partner at your destination, you need to restart your phone to update the location. Once switched on again, it should automatically connect to one of Sun Celular’s local network partner in your country of destination.

If you would like to manually select the local network partner to connect to, below are general instructions. These may vary depending on the model of your phone. Kindly refer further to your phone’s user manual for specific instructions.

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  4. Select the option for MANUAL NETWORK SELECTION then choose your desired network partner from the list.


  1. can i still activate the roaming of my sun sim even if I am out of the country( Philippines)?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi MO,
      There is a way to activate your Sun roaming without going to their shop, just call their mobile number 200 for free with your Sun mobile phone or call their landline number (02) 395-8000
      Hope this helps!

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