How to Buy Apps with Sun Cellular Load

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Google Play Store

Registering for Sun is exactly the same as registering for Smart Subscriber except that you select “Enable Sun Billing” instead.

How to Register to Sun Billing:

  1. Search for the app you’d like to purchase on the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the price to buy the app and ACCEPT the App permissions.
  3. After clicking the “ACCEPT” button, you’ll see the name of the app that you want to purchase along with the price button. Click “Continue’.
  4. When the payment options come up, choose “Enable Sun Billing”
  5. Fill out the information required and click “SAVE”. You’ll only have to do this once because your details will then be stored to your account for future purchases.
  6. Read and accept the “Terms of Service”

How to Buy and App through Sun Billing:

  1. After registering, you’ll be redirected back to the app you want to purchase. The price is exclusive of 12% VAT charged on top of the displayed price.
  2. Click on the “BUY” button.
  3. Enter your password and click “CONFIRM”
  4. The app is now yours! You can expect a purchase notification from Google in your email.

It’s as easy as that! You can now go ahead and purchase that premium app you’ve been eyeing for so long or download that extra level you’ve been dying to complete. For more details about the service, check out the Sun Cellular’s FAQs for Google Play purchases.

Apple App Store

Sorry iPhone users! Purchasing from the App Store isn’t available for Sun Cellular subscribers yet but Smart Communications promises the new payment method is in the works! So don’t worry, you’ll be enjoying more apps soon!


    1. Hi Chan,
      Have you checked the number registered under your play account is the same? Also, please make sure you’ve followed the instructions above in order 🙂

  1. So to pay the app, we have to have enough load for the price of the app aswell as the included 12% VAT?
    Let’s say the app costs Php 300 and with the VAT of Php 36 thefore we must have at least Php 340 worth of load?

    1. Hi Kate,

      Prices displayed on Google Play should be inclusive of any tax or fees so that you’ll only have to pay for the price displayed. Thanks!

    1. Hi joshua,

      Did you mean how to change which sim will be used for direct carrier billing? Please specify so we may help you out. Thanks!

      1. How do you remove an old sun number in playstore? I want to change mine but it keeps showing last 4 digits of an unknown number.

        1. Hi Justin mendez,

          You can try removing your old Sun number through your Google Wallet. Sun explains how here. Afterwards, try registering your new Sun number to Google Play. If this doesn’t help, you may contact Sun customer support to have it fixed. Thanks!

  2. I have only 1 sim in my phone and its sun cellular. but when i purchased something on playstore the only options are Credit/Debit Card and Smart Billing and I cant add another payment method. How to fix this problem?

    1. Hi. It could be a new change since Smart now owns Sun Cellular. Have you tried PayMaya? It will be easier for your online transactions requiring a card number as they issue you with a virtual card via their app.

  3. In order to purchase an app we need to load my sun sim card?and the load must be the regular meaning not the one to register it?

  4. I have a Sun number but instead of seeing a Sun billing, I see a Smart communications billing. What do I do?

    1. Hi Marc, please check if your account with your carrier is in good standing. If you use a device with dual SIM cards, make sure to put the right SIM card in slot 1 and leave slot 2 empty. Please let us know if it works this time. Thanks!

  5. While purchasing stuffs in my game, it says “Account verification sms cannot be sent” Please help. Thanks

    1. Hey tRiBaLtRoLL,

      Yes it can work you just need to “Enable Sun Billing” on the “Play Store” and make sure to load your phone with the amount needed to purchase the app.

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