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We’ll be unpublishing PreFIX PH Pro from the Play Store soon but will be continuing to roll out PreFIX PH with In-App purchases instead. Thus, we’re requesting everyone who purchased the paid version on Android to email us their PreFIX PH Pro transaction ID from Google Play so that we can upgrade you to the Full version of PreFIX PH, complete with the app features that were available only in the Pro Version.

Not sure where to get your transaction ID from google Play? It’s simple! Go to your Google Mail inbox and search for the emailed receipt the Play Store sent you after you purchased the app. You should be able to locate the transaction ID within the message.

Can find the email? Think you’ve deleted it? No worries. Just follow these instructions or watch the video tutorial below:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your Google Account
  3. You’ll see a list if your transactions. Locate the transaction for PreFIX PH Pro
  4. You’ll find your transaction ID from Google Play below the amount you paid for the app
  5. Copy your transaction ID

Once you have your transaction ID, email it to [email protected] and download the free PreFIX PH App from the Play Store. We’ll then upgrade you to the full version of the app complete with all the paid features you had in PreFIX PH Pro. It’s as simple as that and wont take you more than a couple of minutes!

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  1. This was very helpful for me. I searched google for 5 Mins and didn’t find anything then I found this site. thx

    1. Hi FirstDisLike,

      Were you able to follow the instructions on this post? If you have and you still can’t find your transaction ID, please give us more details as to the type of error or other info so we can help you out. Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks!

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