Learn How to Buy Apps from Google Play with your Globe Load

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Hey Android users! You can now purchase apps from the Google Play Store and make in-app purchases using your Globe load! Forget about needing a credit card, Globe has enabled Direct Carrier Billing wherein anything you buy through the Google Play Store can now be deducted directly from your prepaid load balance or charged to your postpaid plan.

Buying an app is super easy! All you have to do is register your number and set a password! Here are the full steps:

  1. Search for the app you’d like to purchase on the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the price to buy the app and ACCEPT the App permissions.
  3. After clicking the “ACCEPT” button, you’ll see the name of the app that you want to purchase along with the price button. Click “Continue’.
  4. When the payment options come up, choose “Globe Billing” or “Mobile Billing”
  5. You need to verify your account and once complete, proceed to register your name, number and billing address. This only happens during your first purchase.
  6. Accept the “Terms of Service”
  7. You’ll be redirected back to the app you want to purchase. The price is exclusive of 12% VAT charged on top of the displayed price. Click on the “BUY” button.
  8. Enter your password and it’s yours! You can expect a purchase notification from Google in your email.

Easy peasy! You can do all this in a mere 10 minutes and then you’re good to go! Think of all the levels you can unlock or the premium filters you can download! There are thousands of cool apps on the market and now you can buy them without a problem.

The best thing about Globe’s Direct Carrier Billing is that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your credit card or overcharging to it. However, when you pay with your prepaid account, you just have to make use you have enough load to buy the app and pay for the 12% VAT. With postpaid users, Globe has put a Php1,000 limit on app purchases to avoid any costly mistakes.

Globe’s Direct Carrier Billing is an easy, useful and safe service that allows you to maximize your smartphone and experience cool features or premium apps! For more details like usage terms or how to refund an app purchase, visit Globe’s FAQ.


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