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Today I’d like to share something to our readers and followers who are based in the Philippines. It’s a FREE mobile app called PreFIX PH which was created to help address some of the most common issues that users in the Philippines experience when making phone calls, sending text messages or sending load (prepaid balance) on different mobile networks – Globe & TouchMobile, Smart & Talk’n’Text or Sun Cellular.

PreFIX PH is the Philippines’ FIRST EVER intelligent phonebook app the sorts and labels your contacts by network. Experience hassle-free and organized communication with features that you’ll use everyday! It’s an essential app for every Filipino!

  • Automatically identifies and sorts all your contacts by network.
  • Input a number to check what network it belongs to with PreFIX Checker.
  • Set a Preferred Network for making calls which is useful for dual sim users.
  • Friends with multiple numbers will appear under one contact with their networks specified.
  • Always keeps your contact list updated.
  • Add new contacts, make calls and send messages directly from PreFIX PH.
  • Easy way to Pass-A-Load directly to the right contact number.
  • Sort your contacts by name, recently and most contacted.

Aside from the basic features listed above, PreFIX PH right now also offers a couple of premium features that are available via in-app purchase.


  • Promo Directory where you can save message templates for your favourite promo codes and register with one click.
  • Group Messaging feature where you can select message recipients based on a contact network. This is great for Unlimited texting to the same network!

Based on the features and the user reviews, I can say that the PreFIX PH phonebook app can be very useful and handy for mobile users in the Philippines especially those who use have dual-SIM devices and use multiple SIM cards or frequently communicate with family and friends on different networks. Best of all, PreFIX PH is FREE so download it now and try it for yourself.

Published on by JP Habaradas on March 3, 2016. View original article here.

The Prefix PH is available for free to both iOS and Android Phones, you can download it using the links below;

Phonebook for the Philippines

download-cta download-cta


    1. Hi Marc,
      The PreFIX PH App can only be downloaded on phones that have access to Google Play or the App Store. If your phone doesn’t allow you to install apps, you can’t use PreFIX PH.

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