2018 Updated Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes

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Still confused what network 0945, 0956, 0933 or 0998 belong to? What about 0975, 0946 or 0999? Yes, there are so many mobile number prefixes in the Philippines! With Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Talk ‘N’ Text, Cherry Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile, it’s no wonder we got confused every now and then! But there is a simple solution that will answer all your questions about what networks your contact use.

How do you know what network a number belongs to? Just download one app! PreFIX PH is the Philippines’ first ever intelligent phone book app that labels and sorts your contacts by network. Stop using your regular contact app on your phone and switch to PreFIX PH! You’ll be able to see a list of all your contacts separated into groups according to network. So you’ll see all your Globe contacts in one list, all your Smart contacts in another and the same goes for all the other networks too!

Phonebook for the Philippines

This amazing app just keeps getting better! Other features include:

  • Mobile Network Checker just by typing to first 4 numbers (ex. 09XX)
  • Pass-a-load to any contact on your preferred network
  • Promo Directory with a list of all promos available on your preferred network
  • Group Messaging to text friends and family on the same network
  • Identify your contact’s network before calling or texting

So why wonder any longer? Solve all your network problems and stops asking “What network is 09xx? Just download the PreFIX PH App today via these links below.

download-cta download-cta

And for all of you out there who are still wondering what networks a number belongs to, here is the list of all mobile network prefixes in the Philippines that are included in the PreFIX PH App. This is the 2018 Updated Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes.
Prefix Network Prefix Network Prefix Network
0813 Smart or Talk N Text 0926 Globe or Touch Mobile 0949 Smart or Talk N Text
0817 Globe or Touch Mobile 0927 Globe or Touch Mobile 0950 Smart or Talk N Text
0905 Globe or Touch Mobile 0928 Smart or Talk N Text 0951 Smart or Talk N Text
0906 Globe or Touch Mobile 0929 Smart or Talk N Text 0955 Globe or Touch Mobile
0907 Smart or Talk N Text 0930 Smart or Talk N Text 0956 Globe or Touch Mobile
0908 Smart or Talk N Text 0931 Sun Cellular 0965 Globe or Touch Mobile
0909 Smart or Talk N Text 0932 Sun Cellular 0966 Globe or Touch Mobile
0910 Smart or Talk N Text 0933 Sun Cellular 0970 Smart or Talk N Text
0911 Smart or Talk N Text 0934 Sun Cellular 0973 Extelcom
0912 Smart or Talk N Text 0935 Globe or Touch Mobile 0974 Extelcom
0913 Smart or Talk N Text 0936 Globe or Touch Mobile 0975 Globe or Touch Mobile
0914 Smart or Talk N Text 0937 ABS-CBN Mobile 0977 Globe or Touch Mobile
0915 Globe or Touch Mobile 0938 Smart or Talk N Text 0978 Next Mobile
0916 Globe or Touch Mobile 0939 Smart or Talk N Text 0979 Next Mobile
0917 Globe or Touch Mobile 0940 Smart or Talk N Text 0981 Smart or Talk N Text
0918 Smart or Talk N Text 0941 Sun Cellular 0989 Smart or Talk N Text
0919 Smart or Talk N Text 0942 Sun Cellular 0992 Smart or Talk N Text
0920 Smart or Talk N Text 0943 Sun Cellular 0994 Globe or Touch Mobile
0921 Smart or Talk N Text 0944 Sun Cellular 0995 Globe or Touch Mobile
0922 Sun Cellular 0945 Globe or Touch Mobile 0996 Cherry Mobile
0923 Sun Cellular 0946 Smart or Talk N Text 0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
0924 Sun Cellular 0947 Smart or Talk N Text 0998 Smart or Talk N Text
0925 Sun Cellular 0948 Smart or Talk N Text 0999 Smart or Talk N Text
Globe or Touch Mobile Smart or Talk N Text Sun Cellular
0817 0927 0966 0813 0913 0928 0946 0970 0922 0933
0905 0935 0975 0907 0914 0929 0947 0981 0923 0934
0906 0936 0977 0908 0918 0930 0948 0989 0924 0941
0915 0945 0994 0909 0919 0938 0949 0992 0925 0942
0916 0955 0995 0910 0920 0939 0950 0998 0931 0943
0917 0956 0997 0911 0921 0940 0951 0999 0932 0944
0926 0965 0912
Cherry Mobile ABS-CBN Mobile Next Mobile Extelcom
0996 0937 0978 0979 0973 0974

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        1. En-gee that was a technical error for TM… the TM Management wasn’t solve that problem… MakakaSEND ka to 09777******* if meron kang at least piso… Before babawasan tayo ng load kahit naka text promo …pero inireklamo ko sa kanila …. UNTIL NOW d pa naSOLVE ng TM,,, 2015 pa yan,,,, sa GLOBE naSOLVED AGAD 1 week after inireklamo ko din kasi hindi magpapass through yung text messages to 09 triple7 ONLY….
          HINDI LAHAT ng 0977 en-gee,,,, 09 triple7 lang…. yung 09770,09771,09772,09773,09774,09775,09776,09778,09779 makakatext ka!!!

      1. Nextmobile is a subsidiary of GLOBE… Nextmobile used the prefixes of GLOBE… ALSO EXTEL newly acquired by GLOBE….that would include 0973 &0974 as Globe… 0973-0979 are GLOBE ACCESS CODES,,,,

    1. Hi Stelma,

      We’re glad you appreciate it! By the way, We are releasing a new version of our app in a couple weeks which gives you all the prefixes in your phone. It’s packed with other useful features such as a promo directory, check network feature and group messaging.

      Would you like to be a beta tester?

        Download the Android test version, check it out here.
        Let us know what you think by completing this Google Form here.
      1. EXTELCOM 0973 & 0974 wasn’t used by GLOBE right now but the EXPRESS TELECOM was acquired by GLOBE… HINDI PA LANG GINAGAMIT ng GLOBE ang 0974 & 0975

    1. Hi Charm,
      Thanks, glad our post could help you. As for your question, mobile prefixes 0957, 0958 and 0959 are not yet released by any network. Keep posted for the next updated verson of this list or you can download our app to make sure you always have the updated list of mobile prefixes available on your phone!

    2. Hi Charm,
      Thanks, glad our post could help you. As for your question, mobile prefixes 0957, 0958 and 0959 are not yet released by any network. Keep posted for the next updated version of this list or you can download our app to make sure you always have the updated list of mobile prefixes available on your phone!

    1. Hi Bryan,
      The list above contains the prefixes for Globe & TM. As of now, the only way to tell whether a number is Globe or TM is to contact Globe customer care. You can do this via their Facebook Page. They have to check the number in their database to find out exactly which of the two networks it belongs to. So for purely Globe prefixes, you’ll need to ask. But most famously, 0917 is known as the original Globe prefix. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi, Thank you for your posting this. I am an American moving permanently to the Phil by March 15. In understanding your telecom system I have two questions.

    1) Number portability; In USA our phone # stays with us. So if we move to a different carrier such as from Globe to Smart we can take our phone number with us. Is that the procedure in the Phil?
    2) Can Globe customers call Smart customers and can cell call fixed base lines or VIOP’s? I heard that is a no? So if thats true can one cell carrier only call the same network or is it possible to call ANY number in any carrier at any time?


    1. Hi Johnny,

      Welcome to the Philippines! We’re glad our post could help you out! To answer your question:

      1. As of now, numbers are not portable. However, this could be a possibility in the future as the government is working on passing a law to allow number portability.
      2. Yes, Globe users can call Smart users or any other carrier at a fixed rate per minute. There are load promos that make it cheaper to call users on the same network. As for cell calling fixed base lines or VIOP’s, we haven’t encountered this yet but most carrier offer affordable data packages that allow you to make calls over selected apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

      We’ve also posted your concern on our forum so that the PreFIX PH Community can comment on this and provide you with their help and knowledge. You can access it via this link.


  2. Hi,
    This is very useful, but I think this is better if you have breakdown of networks, such as Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, TNT, Smart Bro, Sun Prepaid, Sun Postpaid, Smart Infinity, etc. under Smart, and Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, TM under Globe.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Shelena,

      Unfortunately, based on our research, there is no definite way to determine whether a number is postpaid or prepaid. We hope to maybe get some concrete feedback from the telcos about this in the future. So keep posted 🙂

  3. Is the mixed up prefixes for both the Globe & Smart families intended to confuse us customers? The net effect of all these mixed prefixes is to use up all the money that people loaded in their prepaid cell phones. Why can’t they put some order to the system (ex. Globe family gets the 09 prefix while Smart family gets the 08 prefix). That is how it’s done in orderly societies/countries. Could it be another form of corruption; & to bilk poor Juan dela Cruz of his hard earned money? Still, thank you for all you helpful efforts; I truly appreciate it. Thank you po uli.

  4. *** DO YOU HAVE PROOF stating 0913 0914 0940 0970 0981 0989 0992 are SMART ACCESS CODE NUMBERS??? and 0944 for SUN???*** ,,,, that compiled access numbers stated haven’t USED!!!
    BUT GLOBE ACCESS CODE NUMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN USED TODAY WERE NOT INCLUDED… bias kasi kayo makaSMART EDITOR dito kaya kung ano anu nilalagay nyo sa SMART…..
    0965 & 0966 HAVE BEEN USED ALREADY by GLOBE ohhh san na yun BAKIT di nyo inilagay dyan???

    I AM AGAINST YOUR COMPILED ACCESS NUMBERS STATED 0913 0914 0940 0944 0970 0981 0989 0992!!!

    ((( I GUESS 0914 0944 for GLOBE but since 4 was not good for CHINESE they skipped that ACCESS NUMBERS!!! IMPOSSIBLE isa lang sa GLOBE sa 094* ,,, 0945 lang ba??? dapat may kasama yan so since 0944 is katabi ng 0945 it means that would be GLOBE!!!



  5. Hi! May I know what network is 0966? I can’t call the number using Globe; should I assume that it’s Smart? Thanks!

    1. Hello Joyce. Thank you for your question. If someone receives a call from someone else, you will not be charge unless you are on roaming. On the other hand if you’re a Globe subscriber and call these networks: Extelcom, Next Mobile and Cherry Mobile charging will depend on the promo you availed. If you availed a promo with unlimited calls to Globe, TM and Cherry, it does not have any charges. In regards with Supersurf promo. It is guided by fair use policy that has 800 MB daily capping.

    1. Hi Jokas! 0925 is a Sun Cellular prefix number. We’ve confirmed this directly in Sun cellular on this one.

  6. *** KINDLY DETACHED 0913 0914 0940 0970 0981 0989 0992 from SMART & 0944 for SUN… 0913 0914 0944 MAYBE GLOBE!!! THAT ACCESS NUMBERS HAVEN’T USED BY ANY TELCOS… WALA PANG GUMAGAMIT NYAN!!!! ***



  8. when i was asked to input my globe prepaid on Globe website to claim the free data, the number i gave was not recognized as prepaid number. My number start with 0995******* and it is a prepaid number. What could be the problem? Thanks.

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