Updated Philippine Mobile Prefixes for 2016

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This list is soooo old! We’ve published the 2019 List of Mobile Prefixes for the Philippines!


Every year there are thousands of people who get new numbers and in order to keep up with the demand, Philippine telecommunication companies have to issue new numbers with new prefixes. Over the past years, the list of mobile prefixes in the Philippines has become longer and longer. Globe Telecom, Smart Communications and Sun Cellular have got our brains in a twist trying to remember which network prefixes belong to. We often find ourselves asking “What network is 09XX?” Aside from the long list of prefixes, you also have heaps and heaps of promo codes and special offers you want to keep track of to make the most out of money you spend on load. Keeping up with all this can be daunting, so why not get an app that does all that for you?

Would you like to know what network 09XX is the easiest way? PreFIX PH is the Philippines’ first ever intelligent phonebook app that labels and sorts your contacts by network. We have network prefixes for Smart, Globe, Sun, and more.

Solve all your network problems and stop asking “What network is 09XX? Download PreFIX PH for FREE!

  • Identify your contact’s network before calling or texting
  • Promo Directory with a list of all promos available on your preferred network
  • Mobile Network Checker just by typing to first 4 numbers (ex. 09XX)
  • Pass-a-load to any contact on your preferred network
  • Group Messaging to text friends and family on the same network
  • Favorite any contact to quickly access them in your Favorites

Download PreFIX PH on Android Download PreFIX PH on iOS

What network is 0961?  Never ask that again!  Download PreFIX PH!

PreFIX PH is the Philippine’s first ever intelligent phonebook app that identifies, sorts and labels contacts according to the mobile network they belong to. You’ll never have to do another Google search on “List of Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines” because PreFIX PH is up to date and will continually keep updated with all the mobile prefixes in the Philippines

PreFIX PH allows you to sort contacts, check networks, send pass-a-load, call, text and even store your favorite promo codes. It’s everything you need for mobile communication in the Philippines. It’s organized, easy and best of all it’s FREE. So say goodbye to that list of mobile prefixes beside your desk, stop asking your friends what network they belong to and download PreFIX PH.

But in case you still want to go old school, here’s the list. All of these prefixes are already in the PreFIX PH app and are automatically updated whenever a new prefix is created.


Globe and Touch Mobile
SMART and Talk N’Text
SUN Cellular

* ABS-CBN or NEXT Mobile under Globe


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We’ve published a 2017 List of Mobile Prefixes for the Philippines!

Click here to view updated list


  1. Thank you for this list of mobile number prefixes in Philippines. Such a great help to us since we are calling many applicants in our company.


      1. Hi Ray,
        You can usually tell based on the first three numbers after the area code. We don’t have the exact list yet but we’ll look into this to see if we can provide more information.

    1. Hi Nelle,
      Please check the load code you’re using and make sure it’s correct. If you still have problems, you can contact our team thru our website or Facebook Page.

          1. Hi Annabelle,
            There have been many others with the same problem. Have you tried visiting your nearest Globe store and asked for customer service?

        1. Hi Jerome,
          Those numbers are under Globe and Smart so you should most likely be able to inquire at any Globe or Smart store whether they can issue you these numbers.

  2. 0950 is a new prefix (as what I’ve been told, as of December 2015) the problem is that the newly issued prefix has disabilities. Just like Nelle here, how could I say so? I experienced this from Android applications such as WeChat and/or WhatsApp, they don’t even recognize such new numbers. I suggest to carriers before enabling newly issued prefix because of such cases, is they fully enable its functions to do stuffs. In addition, I am not able to use TnT’s feature (Smartalert) prior to finding this site. Poor PH carriers.

    1. Hi Mark!
      Thanks for the feedback and information. Other than Nelle, we have recently also had one other user mention that they can’t use their sim with the prefix 0950 also. She also mentioned WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It’s most definitely a problem with the carrier. We’re going to look into this issue more.

  3. Hi. This is very helpful. Got a question tough, have you encountered prefixes 0973, 0974, 0977 or 0979. They were said to be Extelcom or Next Mobile. Are they really another group or maybe part of Smart or Globe? Thanks.

      1. 0973 & 0974 are EXTELCOM now GLOBE
        0977,0978,0979 are EXTELCOM which is GLOBE subsidiary

        therefore 0973- 0979 are GLOBE ACCESS CODES also 0980 (maybe)

  4. Bakit po ngchacharge ang globe sa mga prefix na may asterisk under abs-cbn or next tuwing tatawag using globe postpaid plan. Pati rin po buh sa text?

    1. Hi James,
      It’s because even if they are powered by Globe, ABS-CBN, Cherry, and other sub telcos aren’t considered as part of the Globe Network. Thus the additional charges 🙁

  5. can you have a more distinct distribution list wherein globe is separated with tm as well as smart, smartbro and tnt? i’m always looking forward to have such because of my work. thank you 🙂

  6. please update the list of celphone prefixes there is now 0956 where my friend used to post in her fb acct page in the online store but it is not yet in the list. thanks

  7. I bought a Globe LTE prepaid sim with a 0956 prefix.
    It appears that 0956 is not used anymore as it is not recognized when registering the number for verification through social media sites like instagram, twitter, gmail, etc. I felt ripped off that they still sell faced out prefixes. The SIM was bought in an official Globe store in Gaisano Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

    1. Hi Scott, 0956 is the latest prefix added by Globe. There have been issues reported similar to yours but unfortunately, it’s not something we can help you with. You’ll have to contact Globe’s customer service. Hope it all works out!

    1. Hi Anne!
      0956 is a Globe number that isn’t recognised yet in a lot of app databases for mobile networks. Hopefully this issue will be fixed by Globe soon.

  8. I have just installed this PreFix PH on my iPhone. I cannot run it. There is no error message but it just keep on falling.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Can you give us more details? Like your phone model and OS? Does it crash upon opening the app or when you perform a specific task? For faster communication, you can email us at [email protected] or through our Facebook page.

  9. i’m using a globe LTE with prefix no 0956, and the problem is , i cannot register the new prefix no 0956 in my online BDO cellphone register, why is that so?? BDO needs to update?

    1. Hi warfreak,
      The prefix 0956 has yet to be recognized in some other apps databases. You aren’t the first to mention this issue. You can contact Globe or BDO about it.

  10. Im from doha qatar. I call my fren number +63956…. but currently inactive or invalid when i call. But my fren can call me with her number?

  11. I’m unable to call a person with a 0956 prefix. My landline cannot call the number either. How can I get in touch with this number?

  12. Good morning,
    May I know what are those existing prefixes who are not yet recognised as of now by Telco aside from 0956? Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi JB,
      So far we have received comments that 0956, 0955 and 0995 are prefixes that our users have experienced problems with.

  13. Hi there, we received an suspicious booking for our B&B, I have a pre-fix starts with 982, does it exist? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jan,
      As far as we know, there’s no 0982 listed on any of our references. It could be an international number if it was just 982 without the 0. Hope this helps!

  14. This is a good reference. I strongly suggest you separate Cherry Mobile and AbsCbn sim in your category because it is considered as other network although powered by Globe. It needs to be excluded because subscribers will be charged separately..esp if a Globe user is registered under unli text promo to globe or tm…abscbn and cherry mobile is NOT INCLUDED and they will be charged per text or per call rate. That will be a COSTLY MISTAKE BECAUSE THIS TELCO’s doesn’t clarify nor warn their subscribers about this important and crucial. Information. Kindly clarify this matter and inform your followers. Thanks much. Your website is already helpful…more helpful if you can include separating cherry mobile and abscbn with proper notation of charges since excluded sila sa globe at tm.

    1. Hi aspire2inspire,
      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve already included ABSCBN in the sorting feature but we’ll add Cherry Mobile in our next update.

  15. Thank you for giving attention for this long time query. It can help me to save in replying and answering which mobile can be used.

  16. New additional prefix numbers as of March 28, 2017:

    Globe – 0945
    Touch Mobile – 0955
    Cherry Prepaid – 0996

  17. My prefix number is 0945 and i can’t​ pay my premium allocation in spotify and I’m paying it with my load. Maybe there has really disabilities with the new prefix numbers that these carriers have provided. Please help us

  18. Hi, Globe is charging my calls to 0996 prefix as calls to other networks. Why is that?

    1. Hi Miguel,

      We don’t have a list yet for landline numbers, but we’ll look into this to see if we can provide more information. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, Fe! Please provide your concerned mobile number for proper assistance. I will wait for it. Thanks.

      Anyway, if you have any more questions regarding this, you can follow up in this discussion from our community page, or better yet, you can post one of your own!

    1. Hi Cyme,

      Here are the list for the landline prefixes:

      City Area Code Dialing Code
      Angeles City 455 +63 455
      Bacolod City 34 +63 34
      Cavite 46 +63 46
      Cebu City 32 +63 32
      Dagupan City 75 +63 75
      Davao City 82 +63 82
      General Santos 83 +63 83
      Iloilo 33 +63 33
      Manila 2 +63 2
      Masbate 56 +63 56
      Puerto Princesa City 48 +63 48
      Quezon City 2 +63 2
      San Fernando 818 +63 818
      San Jose 309 +63 309
      San Pablo City 93 +63 93
      Santa Cruz 831 +63 831
      Tacloban City 53 +63 53
      Tarlac 452 +63 452
      Zamboanga 62 +63 62

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