PreFIX PH is an intelligent phonebook app that labels and sorts your contacts by network.

Put an end to wrong send with this specialized phone directory created just for the Philippines! PreFIX PH goes through your contacts and specifies which numbers are Globe & TouchMobile, Smart & Talk’n’Text or Sun Cellular. Never accidentally waste load again!

Efficient and Organized

Forget worrying about accidentally texting the wrong network. Get rid of that list of network number prefixes beside your office desk. Download the PreFIX PH app and save yourself time and money!

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User Friendly Design

PreFIX PH is simple, seamless and so easy to use it’ll become your Go To Phonebook on your phone. From checking networks to sharing load, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Always Updated

PreFIX PH will always stay up to date with your latest contacts. It also allows you to keep track of the latest load promos you’ve used for your network so you never forget the codes and service numbers.

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  • Send a message to the right number! Just open your contact and select the number labeled with the network you want to contact.
  • Call directly from the PreFix PH app. You can even use the Call feature to avoid dialing the wrong network.
  • Find your contacts easily! You can now sort them by Name, Recently Contacted and Most Contacted for more organized communication.
    *Available on Android only at this time due to iOS restrictions
  • Never worry about sending load to the wrong number! You’ll be 100% sure with PreFIX PH. Sharing load to your loved ones is made easy with one simple step.
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  • The app’s most basic functionality. See your contacts sorted into three major categories: Sun Cellular, Globe&TouchMobile and Smart&Talk’N’Text.
  • Was that code UnliTXT or TXTUnli? Send to what number again? Forget being confused. PreFIX PH has templates you can edit with all the latest promo codes and service numbers.

  • New friend? New contact! Add numbers directly through PreFIX PH and instantly know what network they use. The app also automatically updates whenever you add new contacts to your phone.
  • Can’t remember what network 09XX belongs to? Find out instantly just by typing in the first 4 digits of a number into PreFIX PH.
  • Testimonial
    It's funny that no one thought of making this years ago. Totally helpful for working people which involves communication and information dissemination.
  • Testimonial
    Love the app! Definitely a must have in the Philippines.
  • Testimonial
    Awesome app! I'd recommend this to everyone. Thumbs up!
  • Testimonial
    Fast, simple, and easy to use. A must have for anyone with a lot of contacts, and people who use dual sims! Great job to the developers!
  • Testimonial
    At last!!!!! The best app ever!!!! Kudos to the developer!!! Deserves 10 stars!!!!
    Gabriel Randell
  • Testimonial
    Very very useful!
    Jay Kris Reyes
  • Testimonial
    Great app. Thanks for the fix and update.
    Jonathan Fernando
  • Testimonial
    This is really a big help for me. Specially since I use Globe plan ☺ Enjoyed and satisfied.
    Jephunneh Dompol
  • Testimonial
    Cool! Nice app to use! I really found the pass-a-load useful and I no longer get confused if numbers are Smart of Globe.
    Karl Jommel Domine
  • Testimonial
    Excellent! Finally, an app that I was wishing for emerged! Thanks to the Yugatech's "App in Focus" web article, I discovered this...
    Adrian Magpantay
  • Testimonial
    Gone are the days where it’s easy to identify the carrier of the number you’re contacting with the simple 0915 of Globe or the popular 0919 of Smart... But with PreFIX PH, it’s less confusing. (Read Full Review)
  • Testimonial
    The sheer usefulness of the app's free functions make it a keeper on any phone that needs to handle a ton of contacts – whether on one sim or two – from different networks. (Read Full Review)
  • Testimonial
    PreFIX PH phonebook app can be very useful and handy for mobile users in the Philippines especially those who use have dual-SIM devices and use multiple SIM cards or frequently communicate with family and friends on different networks. (Read Full Review)
  • Testimonial
    If you are using multiple SIM card, you will most likely send an SMS or call a friend from a different network making the call or a SMS surcharge more expensive than sending it to the number in the same network. PreFIX PH is the app that helps you avoid “wrong send.” (Read Full Review)
  • Testimonial
    It’s great for people with businesses and people on the go who constantly communicate with numerous contacts on different telco networks. It’s also the ideal app for dual sim users who want to save money by maximizing their load promos. (Read Full Review)

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